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Should You DIY Air Conditioning Installation?

Using trained HVAC technicians will save you a lot of headaches.

central air installation boston, ma Some home improvement projects don’t require a professional. It can be fun to build your own shed or swap out a light fixture. But it’s not a great idea — even for a seasoned handyperson — to attempt a do-it-yourself air conditioning installation.

At Scott Williams, we’ve handled countless A/C installation projects in South Boston. The one thing they have in common is that they’re unpredictable. Modern A/C equipment is increasingly complex. Even a relatively simple A/C replacement can present challenges involving space, ductwork and wiring.

If you don’t have the extensive training and experience our technicians do, you’ll risk many wasted hours at best, and injury at worst.

Here are some advantages of bringing in HVAC professionals to install your home’s cooling system.

1. We can select and secure your A/C equipment more easily.

Many factors affect what kind of A/C equipment is best for a home. These include the household’s size, age and ducts, as well as your budget. Our technicians have worked on many homes in this region and can quickly identify the right product. We also have long-term relationships with equipment suppliers, so we won’t face as many supply-chain-related delays.

2. We have HVAC-specific safety training.

Installing an air conditioning system can be both strenuous and dangerous. It involves cumbersome equipment that is heavy to carry. Depending on the project’s complexity, you may have to pour concrete or upgrade your electrical wiring, meaning hours of physical labor with a heightened risk for injury. Our team has the training and experience to handle this safely.

3. We stand by our work.

We guarantee that your new A/C system will be installed correctly the first time and will keep you comfortable as we get into the sweltering summer. Many people that try the DIY route for their cooling systems find they need to turn to us anyway because of maintenance and efficiency problems. Any money saved in installation ends up going to repairs.

4. We can handle any red tape.

How old is your current air conditioning system? If it uses outdated refrigerant like Freon, it will require special disposal. Similarly, uncovering old ductwork could reveal asbestos, which needs remediation. At Scott Williams, we can handle any surprise compliance or permitting issues. Believe us — we’ve done it many times before!

Scott Williams will ensure your home comfort this summer.

We are the most trusted A/C installation and service partner in Suffolk, Norfolk and Plymouth Counties. Whether you need a central A/C system or a mini-split system in a home without ductwork, we have you covered.

You might even qualify for rebates or low-interest financing through Mass Save. If so, we can help you save money on your installation. We also offer our Silver Platter air conditioning service plan, which will keep your A/C running at peak efficiency for years.

Spring is the ideal time to install new A/C equipment. Let Scott Williams help you beat the heat. Request a free estimate today.