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The Difference Between Heat Pumps & Furnaces

Which is right for your home?

heat pumps massachusettsYou live in New England. That means you’ve seen the extremes of winter, and you need a heating system you can count on no matter how harsh the weather gets. Do you know the differences between a heat pump and a furnace? Is one a better option for you? Keep reading to find out.

About Furnaces

Most furnaces consume heating oil in a combustion chamber to heat air, which then gets circulated through your home through a system of ducts. Older furnaces weren’t always extremely efficient at this, but modern furnaces can be as much as 98.5% efficient. An efficient furnace saves you money and produces fewer emissions than a less efficient furnace. So, if your furnace is older, you can save money in the long run (and do something positive for the environment) by replacing it with a new, high-efficiency furnace.

A furnace offers certain advantages over a heat pump. It can cost a lot less to complement your AC with a furnace than a heat pump. Because Boston’s South Shore is a region that gets really cold during the winter month, it’s important to note that furnaces can generate more heat than heat pumps can because furnaces burn fuel. Additionally, furnaces have a lower up-front cost and simpler system design that heat pumps. That can make repairs easier and less costly.

Furnaces aren’t perfect. They can dry out your home’s air a bit. However, that can be easily remedied with a humidifier.

About Heat Pumps

Heat pumps use electricity and a refrigerant to move heat. That heat gets moved into or out of your home depending on whether you’re trying to warm or cool your space.

Advocates of electrification like to promote that heat pumps are efficient, perform the dual roles of heating and cooling, and run rather quietly. However, there are some significant drawbacks to heat pumps.

Heat pumps are not ideal for areas like New England that experience harsh winters. Once the temperature outside drops below freezing, heat pumps become significantly less efficient. A heat pump simply can’t generate the same magnitude of heat that a furnace can. Also, heat pump installation is expensive.

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