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Household Changes? Please Keep Us in the Loop

A message to our automatic delivery customers

home fuel use massachusettsIt’s a new year and perhaps that means some things have changes in your South Shore household. Just as many are making (or already breaking) their resolutions, now is a good time to take stock of any recent or impending changes in your household that could affect your need for heating oil. Even a seemingly small change in your Boston home and habits could have a noticeable effect on your fuel usage. That’s why we ask that you keep Scott Williams up to date on everything that could affect your heating oil consumption this winter.

The past few years have caused most of us to make a lot of changes. Because of Covid-19, many of us now celebrate, work, study, and consume entertainment differently. You may have barely noticed some of the changes in your household’s habits, but at Scott Williams, we hope you’ll take the time to keep up in the loop when things change so we can adjust your automatic heating oil delivery schedule accordingly.

Here are a few examples of changes that could have an effect on your fuel usage:

  • The quantity of people in the home. Are your college-aged kids home for the winter holiday? Has a friend or family member come to live with you long-term? Maybe you’re expecting or adopting a child. As the number of people in your household changes, so will your need for heating oil.
  • The quantity of time spent at home. In the wake of Covid, more and more people are working from home, attending classes virtually, and going out less. The colder weather also makes homebodies of many of us. Spending more time indoors during the winter requires keeping your home warm for a greater portion of the day and will require more fuel.
  • The quantity of time spent away from home. Maybe you’re living elsewhere or planning to go away on a long vacation, and your home won’t need to be heated nearly as much.

If you’re an automatic delivery customer, please let Scott Williams know whenever there are changes in your household or habits (whether due to the pandemic or something else). Keeping us in the loop will help us to serve you better because we’ll have a more accurate picture of your heating oil needs.

Many things have changed, but Scott Williams remains a trusted heating oil provider serving Boston’s South Shore. Whether you’re in Suffolk, Norfolk, or Plymouth County, you can count on us to keep you comfortable. Click here to see if you live in our service area.

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