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How Much Heating Oil Does a House Use Per Year?

How To Estimate How Much Fuel You Use

heating oil Norfolk County, MA This winter has already packed a few punches. Chances are, you’ve seen your consumption of heating oil increase in your South Shore home. Do you know how much heating oil a house uses per year? It depends on a few variables. For example, what region of the country is the home located in? Is it somewhere that remains temperate all year round, or is it somewhere that experiences the extremes of all four seasons like we do here in Norfolk County, MA? How big is the home? Is it well-insulated? Do the inhabitants keep the house on the cool or warm side? Is the boiler or furnace efficient? Et cetera.

Let’s look at an example. Suppose you have a typical home that’s 2,500 square feet and located in the northeast (like we are). That homeowner can expect to see their home consume roughly 880 gallons of heating oil per year.

How Long Will Your Heating Oil Supply Last?

Do you know how long your current supply of heating oil will last you? If you’re one of our automatic delivery customers, that’s not a question you really need to ask yourself. We handle all the calculations and deliver your fuel automatically when your tank is about one quarter full.

However, if you’re one of our will-call customers, keep an eye on your heating oil gauge. Then give us a call to request a delivery before you have a run-out.

Curious how long your current supply of fuel will last? It’s simple enough to calculate how long your heating oil supply will last. You just need a few pieces of information: the size of your heating oil tank, how full your tank is, and the rate at which your Greater Boston home consumes heating oil. Armed with those three pieces of information, you can come up with an estimate for how long the amount of heating oil in your tank will last you.

Tank Size

Most aboveground oil tanks are 275 gallons, but tank capacity can vary anywhere from 105 gallons to 500 gallons. The simplest way to confirm your tank’s capacity is 275 gallons is to measure its height, width, and length. A 275-gallon tank will have the following measurements: width, 27”; height, 44”; and length, 60”. If you’re not sure of your tank’s size after measuring, wait until your next delivery. Note the level on your tank’s gauge before delivery. Then note how many gallons were delivered to take your tank to full. Now you can estimate your tank’s capacity. For example, if your tank is a bit less than half full before the delivery and roughly 250 gallons are delivered, then you know you probably have a 500-gallon tank.

How Much Is in the Tank?

Here are instructions for reading your tank’s gauge:

Step 1: Look for a clear glass or plastic cylinder near the top of the tank. It will look a lot like your car’s fuel gauge with the following symbols: F, ¾, ½, and ¼. There should be a red marker or float indicating the tank’s fuel level. If it’s not visible, you tank is either empty or practically empty. Order more heating oil immediately!

Step 2: Make sure the gauge is working as it should be. Remove the outer case and gently press down on the float. It should bob back up to where it was. If it doesn’t, the gauge is malfunctioning, and you should call for service.

Step 3: When your gauge gets close to ¼, it’s time for more fuel. Make sure you check your gauge regularly (and more frequently as the temperatures drop) if you’re a will-call customer. If you’re an automatic delivery customer, we’ll automatically deliver your fuel at just the right time.

How Much Heating Oil Do You Use?

There are factors affecting your home’s heating oil consumption that are within your control. However, there are others that are not. Understanding variables affecting your household’s heating oil usage can help you to better predict your usage and your needs so you can plan, adjust, and order heating oil accordingly.

Here are some of the factors affecting your home’s heating oil consumption:

  • Your home’s size
  • Your region’s climate
  • The level of insulation in your home
  • Your thermostat setting(s)
  • The size of your family
  • The efficiency of your heating system

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