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Scott Williams, heating oil company supplies valuable home comfort information.
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Recent Articles

2017 Late Winter Newsletter

Keeping You Warm—No Matter What

Ken Williams

Dear Friends,

While U.S. production levels of crude oil have soared, serious concerns are being raised about the aging infrastructure of natural gas pipelines, which are being strained to capacity, especially during extreme cold spells. Many of these old pipelines are also leaking methane — a damaging greenhouse gas — into the atmosphere.

What’s more, a recent Bloomberg News report showed that the highest natural gas prices in the world are likely going to be in New England during the coming season. This prediction is based on a combination of the power grid’s reliance on natural gas and the constraints in natural gas access to the region.

You may also have heard about gas-condensing boilers and their high-efficiency capabilities. For homes with baseboard heating, however, these systems don’t work as advertised. In reality, such boilers are only about 80% efficient and last 10 years — or less. Compare that with new oil boilers, which can last up to 20 years, and which have high efficiency ratings to boot.

If you rely on Scott Williams to keep you warm, you have a lot less to worry about. We’re located near the South Shore’s largest fuel supply terminals, so we always have enough heating oil on hand, no matter how cold it gets. Whatever winter brings us, we will be there to help keep you warm.

Please browse our site or contact us to learn more about how we can keep you comfortable while saving you money this season. We’re here whenever you need us!


Ken Williams


Who Can You Trust?

One of our newer customers (we’ll call her Kate) used to switch heating oil dealers depending on who offered the lowest price. But when she lost her heat last winter, she discovered that her latest low-priced dealer couldn’t come to her rescue because it only delivered oil — not emergency heating service.

Kate finally found us and we were glad to help restore her heat. She realized that a lower fuel price wasn’t worth it if her dealer couldn’t promise to keep her warm.

Scott Williams will never leave you out in the cold!


Deliveries, Repairs and Peace of Mind

Winter deliveries

As we reached the midpoint of winter, the weather for the most part had stayed on the mild side. However, we all know that Mother Nature can turn on a dime and surprise us with late winter storms and cold snaps.

But no matter what happens, we’ve got you covered, thanks to:

  • dependable oil deliveries — accurate and on time.
  • reliable repairs — we’re ready when you need us, with many years of experience, skilled technicians and prompt after-hours emergency service.
  • personal service — our expert and courteous staff of seven home-comfort professionals is here to take your calls, answer your questions and give you good advice.

With Scott Williams, you’re buying into value — not just price.


Going in the Right Direction with Oil Heat

This is the time of year when you want to stay comfortable, avoid problems and save money on heat. To help you keep from getting lost, we offer a few tips.

Stretch of road

Smooth Road Ahead for Heating Oil

Oil heat continues to keep millions of homes warm and safe no matter the weather. What’s more, recent declines in heating oil prices and positive forecasts for stable prices in the foreseeable future have made oilheat an even more appealing option.

Additionally, the oil heat industry continues to undergo a revolution that is significantly improving oil heat’s efficiency and cleanliness, thanks to vast reductions of sulfur levels.


As a result, heating oil burns more cleanly, with lower emissions. You also benefit from better heating efficiency and easier maintenance, since low-sulfur oil creates fewer deposits on heat exchangers.

This is only the beginning. The quality of heating oil will get even better in the years ahead. And that’s good news for the environment — and for your pocketbook.

“Continued improvements in the quality of heating oil will help it burn more cleanly, with lower emissions, than natural gas.”

Tips to Avoid a Bumpy Ride

We want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your heating system. Here are a few tips on how to keep it running safely and efficiently.

  • Keep the area around your system as clean and clutter-free as possible. Never store anything flammable near your system.
  • Keep registers, baseboards or radiators clean and unobstructed to ensure maximum air flow.
  • If you have a steam boiler, check the water gauge periodically. Low water levels are a leading cause of shutdowns. Steam boilers should also be “flushed” when the water in the gauge looks rusty.
  • If you have an oil furnace, change or clean the filters about once a month. Dust and dirt are the natural enemies of your furnace; a dirty filter compromises efficiency and can even result in a shutdown.
  • Never set your thermostat below 60°. When your thermostat setting is too low, you risk frozen pipes. Water pipes near outside walls or in unheated spaces are especially prone to freeze-ups. The risk increases if cracks in your foundation allow cold air to enter your home.


Install carbon monoxide detectors near all your bedrooms.
Note: In the unlikely event that an oil heating system is emitting carbon monoxide, you’ll usually see smoke as a clue that something is wrong. A gas heating system does not issue a visual warning sign. Most leaks can be prevented through regular equipment maintenance.

Your Destination: Comfort and Savings

With all that you have to deal with during the winter, the last thing you want is to lose sleep over concerns that your old furnace or boiler is going to conk out and leave you cold.

When you purchase a new high-efficiency oil heating system, you’ll immediately eliminate those worries.

You’ll save a lot of money down the road too. A new system should help you save up to 20% on your annual heating costs. If you significantly improve system efficiency by upgrading from a really old system to a high-efficiency unit, your savings could be 40% or more! You’ll feel the difference in comfort. And you’ll also save on repairs, because you’ll minimize the potential of a breakdown, which is a common problem with older systems.

Continuing to heat your home with oil just makes sense. Today’s oil heat is cleaner, greener and more economical than ever. The latest oil heating systems are small, smart and super-efficient. And there are many different equipment options out there that can fit your budget.

Up Ahead: Endless Hot Water

Indirect-fired water heater

Many of our customers now use their boilers not only to heat their homes, but to produce hot water for showers, hot tubs, washing machines, dishwashers — you name it. And they get it virtually free in the winter.

It’s called an indirect-fired water heater, and if you have a boiler, it can be a phenomenal option.

Anytime your boiler is heating your home, your indirect water heater works for free. It’s like having your cake and eating it too. A traditional stand-alone water heater has to use gas or electricity to keep that water hot. And that’s a huge waste of money.

If you have a gas or electric water heater that is 10 years old or older, check out an indirect — and less expensive approach — to heating your water.


Ensure Timely Winter Deliveries

Man clearing snow

Maximize your delivery experience and avoid a fuel run-out! Our convenient and free automatic delivery program lets us calculate your fuel needs and make timely deliveries — without any work for you!

If you’re not part of our automatic delivery program, we highly recommend that you sign up! Just go to “Automatic Delivery,” in the “Heating Oil Services” section of our website, to learn more.

Here are a few other tips that will help us deliver your fuel, especially in poor weather conditions.

  • Clear your driveway of snow, edge to edge. Our drivers can only make deliveries in completely clear spaces, especially on inclines. If it’s not safe, we can’t deliver.
  • Clear a path to your fill pipe, if you are physically able. At a bare minimum, keep the pipe visible so we can see it.
  • If you prefer to call for your fuel, please let us know when your tank is about 25% full. Please give us two business days to make your delivery.


Refer a Friend, Get a $25 Credit

When someone you’ve referred to us becomes a Scott Williams automatic-delivery customer, we’ll give you a $25 account credit!

Have someone in mind? Just go to the “Refer a Friend” page in the “Contact Us” section of our website. And, of course, you can call (617) 773-2870 to ask us about our referral program.


Ask the Expert

Chris Sands

Service Manager Chris Sands explains the benefits of the Mass Save residential rebate program.

Q: What is the Mass Save program all about?

A: This year-round program offers customers generous rebates when they replace aging, inefficient — but still functional — heating and cooling equipment. On top of the rebates, participating customers will see savings on their energy costs right away when they upgrade to a high-efficiency system.

Q: How do I qualify?

A: Contact Mass Save at (866) 527-SAVE (7283) to schedule your no-cost Mass Save Home Energy Assessment.

Q: How much can I save?

A: You can get a $500 rebate for replacing a boiler that is less than 30 years old. If your boiler is 30 years old or older, you could qualify for a $1,700 rebate when we install a qualifying new oil boiler. Visit for more details and then contact us for a free estimate on a new oil heating system.


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