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Tank Protection

TANK-GUARD®: a protection plan that covers replacement costs

tank protection massachusetts

We cringe every time we see a customer spend thousands of dollars to replace a leaking oil tank. It’s a big expense that can easily be avoided by enrolling in our TANK-GUARD® program.

For just pennies a day, this oil tank protection plan guards against tank corrosion and provides a warranty for up to $2000 towards a replacement of the tank – at no additional cost to you!

To extend your tank’s life, we use an additive that helps prevent internal corrosion. Tanks rust from the inside out!

If your tank is more than 25 years old, we strongly recommend that you enroll in TANK-GUARD® to protect your tank and your wallet. Once your tank begins to leak, it will be too late to take advantage of this coverage.

oil tank insurance massachusetts
 “ TANK-GUARD® was not expensive, and since the tank was in our house when we bought it, we really didn’t know how old it was. About two or three months after we enrolled in TANK-GUARD®, my husband noticed some oil drops near the front of the tank. We called Scott Williams and after an inspection, they told us we needed a new tank. They also told us that because we had TANK-GUARD®, the cost was covered.”—Joanne C., Braintree

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Find out about our limited time rebate on oil tank replacements here.

What to know if you need a new oil tank

A heating oil storage tank offers an important advantage: the ability to safely store an adequate supply of heating oil that’s ready for immediate use whenever it’s needed.

Today’s aboveground tanks are worry-free and virtually leak-proof. Most oil tanks are now built of corrosion-resistant materials. In many cases, new aboveground tanks are double-walled and come with alarm systems if there is any discharge.

Plus, the latest generation of aboveground tanks generally can be installed in small or unusually shaped spaces.

In short, today’s tanks provide peace of mind and convenience—in addition to all the other benefits of heating your home with oil! Read more about heating oil tanks.