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Get Greener This Summer! Here Are 10 Ways To Do It.

ac energy saving tips massachusettsYour central air conditioner usually accounts for about half the energy your home uses during the summer – a pretty lofty number. The good news, if you’re concerned with the amount of energy your home uses, is that there are easy ways to lower that number.

Here are ten great ways to get you started on the road to better energy efficiency this summer.

  1. Stay on top of filter changes –A clogged air filter can reduce A/C efficiency by 10 to 15 percent, and will eventually cause unnecessary wear and tear on your equipment. Check your filters regularly, cleaning or replacing them (depending on the model) as needed.
  2. Maintain your ductwork – Seals in your ductwork will often fail over time– especially if your ducts weren’t installed correctly in the first place. Look for obvious flaws in visible ducts, repairing them as much as you can. Since most of your ductwork is probably behind the walls, consider a professional duct inspection about once every five years.
  3. Use your programmable thermostat – Every degree you drop your thermostat below 75 degrees could cause you to use three to five percent more energy in your home. The good news is that the reverse is also true. For the best balance of comfort and economy, shoot for a summertime indoor temperature of about 78 degrees.
  4. Add window treatments – In the hot summer months, consider hanging window treatments that reflect rather than absorb light and heat (for more efficiency tips using window treatments, see the U.S. Department of Energy website).
  5. Shade your condensing unit – Keeping your outdoor condensing unit out of the sun can reduce A/C costs by about two percent.
  6. Clear vents – Make sure that vents in rooms you’re using are open and not blocked by furniture, rugs or drapes.
  7. Alter the attic – Install an attic ventilator fan to draw cool air throughout the house. Adding insulation can also help keep cool air in and hot air out.
  8. Use all your fans – Moving air feels cooler when you’re in the room, so turn on those ceiling fans when people are around – you’ll be able to keep temperatures a little warmer with no loss in comfort. Don’t forget to use the exhaust fans in your bathroom, either: they prevent hot, humid air from entering your living space.
  9. Service your equipment – Your cooling equipment will lose about five percent efficiency every year that it’s not serviced – which means that professional cooling maintenance will basically pay for itself in lower cooling bills alone. It will also help keep your A/C running more reliably.
  10. Upgrade old HVAC equipment with a pro – A qualified air conditioning technician will do the little things that will help your new cooling system deliver value – and better performance – year after year. They’ll also know the ins and outs on tax credits, incentives, and manufacturer’s rebates, so they’ll be able to steer you in the direction of better deals on ENERGY STAR®-certified equipment. Look for HVAC pros that offer in-person evaluations – not just formulas – if you want to get the most energy efficiency bang for your buck.

Summer’s here – is your A/C ready? We can help you be sure. Contact Scott Williams today to learn more about A/C installations and air conditioner maintenance in Boston’s South Shore!