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Automatic Heating Oil Delivery: Three Key Benefits

3 benefits of automatic delivery south shore greater boston

Running out of heating oil isn’t fun – especially here in New England.

In fact, it can be quite dangerous when temperatures take a severe dive: not only will your family be unprotected from the unrelenting Massachusetts cold, but without heat, your home plumbing system will be vulnerable to freezing and bursting, which could set you back several thousand dollars to fix.

As we said, not fun.

You know what also isn’t fun? Watching the gauge on your heating oil tank all winter long – which is what you’ll have to do if you’re a heating oil will-call customer.

Fortunately, there is an easy and FREE way to manage your heating oil deliveries that will also dramatically reduce your risk of a fuel runout: automatic heating oil delivery from Scott Williams.

Here’s how automatic delivery works:

  • We use software to estimate how much fuel you are likely to use based on your past use and the current weather (measured in “degree days”); if you have recently become a Scott Williams customer, we will simply estimate your usage based on local averages for a home your size in the South Shore.
  • Your delivery will be scheduled when your tank is about one-quarter full.
  • That’s it! With automatic delivery, you can take the worry out of managing your heating oil supply, and prevent just about any no-heat emergency.

    You also get priority service over will-call customers – a big plus during periods of high demand for fuel.

With all those great benefits, you may wonder why we offer automatic delivery for free. The answer is simple: because it helps everyone. If we know when you need your fuel, we can design efficient delivery routes to bring it to you – and everyone else – quickly. It’s a win for us and a win for you and the rest of our customers.

Will-call service is also available

Of course not everyone will want to take advantage of automatic delivery – they would prefer total control over their heating oil deliveries (and the responsibilities that go with it). If that’s you, don’t worry – will-call service is still available!

Say goodbye to the hassles of managing your heating oil deliveries in Dorchester, West Roxbury, Bridgewater and surrounding towns with automatic heating oil delivery from Scott Williams. Contact us today to sign up or to become a Scott Williams customer.