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Why Schedule Heating Maintenance Now?

heating service massachusettsAs temperatures rise in August, we realize that most of you put aside thoughts of your heating systems – you’d rather be working on your tan (which is understandable).

But now is actually one of the best times of year to get your heating system maintenance and heating repairs out of the way, for several important reasons.

For one thing, scheduling routine heating maintenance is easier now than it will be once Labor Day passes, when everyone else is booking their service appointments. Expert technicians are usually in high demand during peak months, but they tend to have more availability during “shoulder seasons” (mid-late summer and early spring).

Another reason to schedule maintenance this time of year is that it’s not cold, so if your equipment needs a little downtime you can manage without it.

But an overlooked reason for getting maintenance out of the way in the summer – especially if you have older heating equipment – is that if you run into a problem with your furnace or boiler and need to replace it, it’s a good time to upgrade. Prices are typically lower during the offseason than they are once temperatures dip, and incentives are more common, too. As we saw earlier, top-notch heating installation technicians also have more open appointment times.

The bottom line: Summer is the perfect time to give your heating system the attention it needs. Heating maintenance from the expert technicians at Scott Williams will pay for itself with increased efficiency and fewer repairs – especially if you go all in with a high-value Silver Platter Heating Oil Service Plan.

Beat the crowds and enjoy efficient, reliable heating performance all season long by scheduling heating maintenance today! Contact Scott Williams today to learn more about expert heating service and heating repairs in Quincy, Braintree, and beyond!